The Secrets of the Organized

The Secrets of the Organized

The Secrets of the Organized

I always try to be more organized inside my own house. I recently read this article and felt it may inspire you to be more organized! Here are some of the secrets of maintaining an orderly home:
  1. Make Decisions Quickly
    People who successfully maintain organized homes all make decisions quickly. They are good about getting rid of items that they no longer use, and they try to let go of things that they might use…someday.
  2. Move Donation and Disposal Items Quickly
    Organized people do not let donation and disposal bags linger in their closet, hallway, or garage. Instead, they get these items out of the house in a timely manner. They take bags to a donation drop-off location the same day the bags are filled. If items are too big for their vehicle, they schedule a charity pickup as soon as possible.
  3. Edit Clothing and Accessories Frequently
    Organized people cull their wardrobes regularly. Follow their lead and at the end of each season, get rid of anything you haven’t worn. Give yourself permission to toss stained or torn items, to donate ill-fitting or uncomfortable ones, and even to let go of items you simply don’t wear because they are no longer your favorites.
  4. Be Mindful of Purchases
    Organized people are thoughtful about what they bring into their homes. If you do not have space to store large-quantity items, don’t buy them. Before you buy a new small appliance, consider if you have the space for it. Try to avoid buying gadgets that have only a single purpose; invest in items that can be used for multiple purposes.


Featured Listing of the Week

How stunning is this Muirlands West home! This home was fully rebuilt, down to the studs, and completed just last year. It is situated on a flat half acre lot with open views. Conveying a sense of belonging and tranquility with a separate gym and living quarters with impressive sized bedrooms with en-suites makes this home one of a kind. Let me know if you'd like to take a look!


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Homebot reports are generated using MLS data and economic trends. The report will not take into consideration any renovations or upgrades you may have done to your home since you've purchased it. If you think the value of your home is incorrect, I am happy to help you customize your profile to improve future accuracy.


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