Be a Matchmaker!

Be a Matchmaker!

Home Matchmaking!

I’ve been working hard to find dream homes for clients, but with inventory so tight, I thought I’d reach out to you to share what I’m currently looking for, just in case you have a friend, family member, or colleague who might be interested in selling. I’d love to know, and hopefully help make their selling process even easier. Please let me know if you know of anything that matches up!


Featured Listing of the Week

Loving this new Spanish-style residence in Kensington, one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Diego! This exquisite home has recently undergone a $250,000 renovation. I’m loving the gorgeous curb appeal; the 13-foot ceilings; and the primary bathroom with heated floors, a free-standing soaking tub within an infinity drain shower room, and a large, custom walk-in closet. Plenty of room for a pool. Very walkable to Adams Ave. This is a dream home!


In the News

First-time homebuyers received 73% of mortgage offers in California in 2023 — among the highest in the country, per a recent LendingTree report.

Why it matters:

  • It's one more sign current homeowners are still feeling the golden handcuffs effect of not wanting to give up existing low-rate mortgages.
  • Nationwide, 65% of mortgage offers went to first-time homebuyers in 2023.
  • Over the past five years, the share of first-time buyers has increased.

Between the lines:

  • Fewer people overall were taking out mortgages last year.
  • First-time buyers are making up a larger portion of a relatively small pool of buyers. 

Zoom out:

  • The largest share of loans went to first-time buyers in high-cost areas, including California, where current homeowners are even more reluctant to give up their low mortgage rates.
  • The monthly cost of a typical mortgage rose to 40% of a buyer's household income last year, the highest rate since the 1980s. I’ve personally noticed that in San Diego, on average 50-55% of the buyer’s income will need to go towards their monthly mortgage in order for a buyer to secure the home they actually want.


What I've Been Up To

New Restaurant with Live Music:
Lou Lou's Jungle Room, North Park 9/10

Shōgun on Hulu, 8/10

The Michael Smerconish Program, Sirius XM - 10/10

@dianemorrisey, Instagram - 9/10
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